Automotive Locksmith: Key Programming

We service all types of vehicles from the traditional manual key to smart keys.

In the past, car owners just use a simple key to open their car and start their engine. This has been used in the past. Old models of vehicles still use this kind of key.Key Programming2
These single isolated car keys sometimes have a remote control with them but both are used separately.


Key Programming3


Modern cars now use smart keys. There are two types of car keys used on modernized vehicles, the transponder key and proximity key.

  • Transponder Key

Key Programming4


The transponder key has a transponder chip inside which disarms the vehicle’s alarm system as soon as you start the engine. Its structure looks like a traditional car key but with smart key buttons.


The word transponder was actually derived from the words, transmitter and responder. The name implies how this key functions.


The alarm system of vehicles using transponder keys goes on panic when the wrong key is used on the said vehicle.



  • Proximity Key

Key Programming5


The proximity key does not use the actual key to open the door or start the engine. It uses a keyless transmission.

To open the door, all you have to do is get the key near the vehicle and click on the car door on the side of the driver. This unlocks the said door.

To start the engine, the driver simply pushes the start button.


Manual keys are usually easier to replace or fix. But transponder keys and proximity keys are quite complex. You need to change the programming of such keys. The process needs to use high tech features. Transponder key programming is hugely different from proximity key.

  • Using transponder key allows owner or driver to unlock vehicle from a distance.
  • Modern vehicle using transponder keys recognize the specific owner. It can only communicate with the correct key system which should be in the owner’s hand, unless stolen.
  • A radio signal is sent to the receiver of the vehicle from the transponder.
  • Vehicles using transponder keys prohibit unauthorized access.
  • When you use a transponder, you can easily detect the location of your car.
  • Vehicles with transponders ensure safety and security.

Programming transponder keys may be difficult. But we can make sure you can still lock and unlock your door remotely and replace the car key.

Our services are also not limited to car doors. We can also repair car trunk locks.

Key Programming6

This service requires upfront pricing because the process will use high technology. However, we assure that we offer the most affordable and most reasonable prices, relatively.

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