Automotive Locksmith: Push to Start Keys

Push to start key

Modernized vehicles now make use of a push to start keys, also known as Smart Keys, to start the engine. This is a key less fob. Instead of using an actual key, Smart keys use an electronic access and system authorization to start an engine. It was first introduced late 1990’s.

Drivers or car owners lock and unlock their cars remotely with the use of this keyless fob. This push-to-start key is identified only by the antenna of the vehicle where it is programmed to. This ensures higher level of security.

The engine starts by pushing a button or twisting a switch provided that the key is inside the vehicle. The doors are also locked by pressing a button on the door handle for as long as the key is near the vehicle. Other vehicles are locked automatically as soon as you walk away from the vehicle.

Smart keys or push to start keys can also unlock other car features such as changing seat positions, adjust mirror settings, alter steering wheel positions, control internal temperature setting and make stereo adjustments. This key is very useful to drivers and car owners and we understand that the use of such vehicles is growing in numbers.

This is why we have also trained our locksmiths to identify and solve problems with this keyless fob. We have high technology tools to repair this smart key’s hardware as well as its software or programming.

Should there be a break or compromised programming in your push to start key that is beyond recovery, we can help you replace them.

We charge upfront pricing for our service. But we make sure that our clients understand the policy and the extent of service their car smart keys need. Our professional locksmiths are well trained to respond to your needs the quickest time possible.

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