Commercial Locksmith: CCTV Installation and Repair


We, at the Nashville Commercial Locksmith Service, care for your safety and security. We do not only help you with locks and keys, we also help you with CCTVs. 

A CCTV or Closed-circuit TV is another type of security and provides a higher level of safety. CCTV may not be considered a lock per se; however, since it involves safekeeping measure, we have included it in our list of services to offer.

Close circuit television can either be analogue or digital. Analogue CCTV’s can record directly to a video tape recorder. The signals from the analogue are sent as pictures to the output. They run at a slower pacing. If you want to save your analogue recordings to the computer, you need to convert it first.

Digital cameras do not require the use of capture cards. They can be saved directly to the computer. Such cameras have clearer resolutions. Digital cameras are usually more expensive than analogue cameras.

Another type of surveillance cameras are the network cameras. They can either be an analogue or digital camera, with a video server embedded having an IP address to stream videos.

The use of CCTVs or surveillance cameras in your business is another way of securing what is yours. Though, our company specifically works as locksmiths, we do ensure your security and safety in general. And because of that, we have also trained our locksmiths to work on CCTVs.

There are CCTVs that are easy to install and can be done by any individual. But for a business setting, it would be advisable to seek the help of a trained professional since it is a broader setting involving a bigger network.

Our professional CCTV technicians can install the system into your business. They are experienced and knowledgeable about the system. We guarantee a trustworthy service.

If you happen to experience a compromised system, we are also here to repair them. Our technicians can diagnose any situation and will decide whether to repair them or replace them. Upfront charges, however, may be incurred.

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