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magnetic door

A magnetic lock or also known as electromagnetic lock is another complex lock that provides high level of security. It works with the use of electricity. The electric current produces magnetic fields to cause the two components of this lock to keep the door closed.
The two components of this electromagnetic door lock are the electromagnetic plate and the armature plate. The electromagnetic portion is attached to the door frame while the armature plate is attached to the door. When the door is closed, the two components are in contact. They are locked and remain locked as long as there is a magnetic field flowing between them. Because the door is large and is usually made of a heavy material, it takes a huge amount of magnetic force to keep the door closed.
There are two categories of a magnetic lock. They can either be fail safe or fail secure. A fail safe lock gets unlocked when it is de-energized or when flow of power gets cut off. This means that a fail safe lock can be opened without effort when there is no electricity.
A fail secure lock, on the other hand, remains locked even if the power is lost. So even if there is no electricity, it is secure and would be very difficult to open unless broken.
If your electromagnetic lock or magnetic lock is compromised or worse damaged beyond repair, we offer installation of a new or a repair. It is a very complex structure and would need the expertise of a professional. Never repair it on your own as it can cause greater damage which means more expenses. Seek help to get the job done. Our professional locksmiths are not only prepared to answer to simple lock issues but also complex ones like this magnetic door lock.

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