Commercial Locksmith: Mortise Lock

Our professional locksmiths in our Nashville Commercial Locksmith service are well trained to respond to any mortise lock problem, may it be in installation or repair.

There are two kinds of high security locks, the mortise lock and the profile cylinder lock.

  • Mortise Lock



Mortise locks are highly complex locks. They offer better security because their keys are hidden underneath another layer of protective steel. The key is usually stuck into the lock of the door with a mortise groove.

This type of lock provides higher level of defense and safety against burglary and theft. Because of its complex internal structure, it is usually very difficult to open or break. Buildings, offices and companies feel much secure with a mortise lock.

The mortise lock was first widely used during the 19th century, and is continually used until now. Furthermore, the manufacture, use and installment of such locks require the need of an expert because of its complexity.

This lock is usually used on external doors or main doors, and it comes in different finishes such as nickel, brass, chrome, steel, aluminum or pewter. Clients can get their own selection or preference of mortise lock.

  • Profile cylinder lock



Profile cylinder locks are like mortise locks in a way because they use complex system with their locks hidden underneath the steel structure. They usually utilize pin tumbler locks which use pins with different lengths. This will prevent opening the lock using a different key.

Because of its complex structure, it provides higher level of security and safety. Companies would need the expertise of a professional to install such locks.

We can provide installation as well as repair of these complex locks. When these locks are compromised, it is not advisable to repair them your own way as in do it yourself way. This might cause more damage.

Seek the help of a professional. Our professionals can diagnose the problem and supply a solution by either repairing or replacing your mortise lock with a new one.

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