Put your paranoia to rest by securing your storage units with top-of-the-line locks. With thieves and snoops prowling for the next victim, it is wise to put the proper safeguards in place to deter threats, no matter how casual they may seem to be. Whether you are saving you’re childhood memorabilia, or hiding your stash of bills or jewelry; you need a secure mechanism to keep prying eyes away from your precious stuff.

Apartment owners and people who share work or living spaces do not necessarily need a safe, unless they have guns and classified documents under their supervision. For those who just need a standard lock mechanism, here are the five types of locks you need to consider for security.

Single Dial Combination Locks – Considered to be one of the best locks for storage facilities, the single dial combination lock features a single rotating dial where a combination of numbers must be aligned correctly to open. Once combined, the tooth of the mechanism settles with a satisfying click and a simple tug allows the owner to open the lock. This type of lock is significantly harder to bypass unless you have secured the correct combination. Choose a product with 64,000 possible combinations to lessen break-ins.

Multiple Combination Locks – As compared to the single dial combination lock, the multiple combination lock is less secure. It features multiple rotating discs with notches, wherein the teeth would lock into place.  Invest in a premium combination lock so that the discs won’t easily be manipulated. Even without knowing the exact number series, a thief can take advantage of the lock’s slight irregularities and rotate the disc until the teeth click into place.

Closed Shackle Padlocks – Padlocks are not entirely safe, especially when a locksmith works his magic on it. However, you can already buy closed-shackle padlocks that offer better weather resistance, durability and protection from lock picking. Its U-shaped part is relatively thicker and shorter, making it hard to cut. This type is slightly more expensive than the normal padlock but before you let practicality win, think about the cost of things you are actually defending from aggressive hands.

Disc Locks – Since it is designed as an industry standard for self-storage containers, a disc lock is likely to give better protection than normal security options. Its U-shaped locking arm is hard to cut, and won’t break from hammering. Locksmiths may be able to bypass this type of lock, but it would take advanced skills, tools and a bit of time. The complexity of the security mechanism is definitely enough to discourage them and make you a less likely target for burglary.

Steel Padlocks – If you want something less conspicuous for things that are not really of high value, tamper-resistant steel padlocks would be a great option. Known for its reliability and durability, a steel padlock will be enough to keep your storage safe in the office and at home. In fact, stainless steel survives harsh weather conditions, so a lock of this material will fare well outdoors.