You may need a locksmith sooner than you think. Millions of people lock themselves out of their homes, cars, and offices every year. Lockouts can happen at the worst time. You’re late for an appointment, away from home, or dealing with a health emergency. Changing the locks due to a breakup or break-in is hard. An already stressful situation worsens if you think the locksmith is overcharging you. Knowing the average locksmith costs can lower your anxiety the next time you need help.

Read this guide so you know the national average costs for locksmith services.

We’ll start with a general range, then drill down into specific services to show how much you’ll pay the locksmith. Let’s get started.

National Average Costs for a Locksmith

The average cost for locksmith services is between $85 and $175. Most people spend $129 to regain access to their home or car.

This includes a call-out charge. If you request a locksmith during regular hours the charge is $30 to $85. If you need help in the middle of the night, the call-out charge increases to $60 to $85.

Can’t find your car keys? According to so and so, In America, the average charge is $60 to $85 to open the door or trunk to your car.

You can rekey a car door for $75 to $180. You’ll pay $75 to $220 if a locksmith changes the locks on your car.

Do you need help getting into your home or apartment? Expect to pay $65 to $185 for a locksmith to open your front door.

If you need to rekey a house the price is $50 to $130. Replacing the locks altogether costs $80 to $200.

Types of Locksmith Charges

When you request a locksmith, they charge you a call out charge plus an hourly rate.

Call-Out Charge

A call-out charge can range from $30 to $85. The average is $75 and includes the first hour of service.

Most lockout resolutions take half an hour. If service takes longer than an hour, you pay an hourly rate. The hourly rate during normal working hours is $75.

Emergency and After-Hour Rates

The hourly rate goes up if you have a time-sensitive emergency or need help after-hours. Expect the rate to climb $20 an hour, on top of the charges for the service you need.

The average price of an after-hours or emergency call is $100 to $250. You’ll save significant money if you wait until the locksmith office opens.

Don’t hesitate to call a 24/7 locksmith if you’re in a dangerous place or you need help getting in the middle of the night.

For emergencies — like a child locked inside a car — call 911. The police will unlock your car for free.

Next, let’s look at the locksmith charges for specific car services.

Pricing Guide for Car Services

Here’s a list of the most common locksmith services for cars:

  • Unlock the Car
  • Rekey the Car
  • Change Locks
  • Extract a Key
  • Key Replacement
  • Keyless Fob Replacement
  • Car Ignition Repair
  • Reprogram Keys

Luxury, high-end vehicles use different methods and tools. If your car has a security system, the locksmith must work around the system. More complicated cars may cost more to service.

Price to Unlock a Car

Did you lock your keys in the car or trunk? The average auto lockout service ranges from $60 to $85. If the locksmith pops the trunk, you’ll pay $85. 

If you lose a transponder key, then you must pay to get a new key cut and programmed. The price is around $145.

Transponder keys communicate with the car via a computer chip to prevent locking the key in the car. If the key malfunctions, it might lock you out of the car.

Cost to Rekey a Car

The average price to rekey a car door is $70 to $180. It’s a good idea to rekey your car lock if you think someone got a copy of your key. 

If the missing key has a chip in it, ask the locksmith to disable it by removing the immobilizer memory.

If you have the key, but it doesn’t open the car door, it’s worn out. You need to replace either the key or the lock on the door.

If you’re lucky, you can find a working door lock for your car make and model at a junkyard. A recycled lock is less expensive than a new one.

Another way to reduce the cost of a lock replacement is to remove it yourself and take it to a locksmith. The locksmith can change the key combination to match a new key.

Cost to Replace a Car Key

If you lose the keys to your car, you can buy a replacement key. It costs $45 to $145 to make a new key. Fixing the ignition runs $120 to $250.

The price depends on the type of key. A standard key costs about $50 to replace. Transponder chip keys cost anywhere from $125 to $250. Foreign car keys are more expensive than American-made.

A skilled locksmith is an expert at cutting a variety of keys. Some car dealerships offer replacement keys. Expect to pay more if you get the car key from the dealer.

Key Breaks Off in the Door

On the rare chance your key breaks inside the door lock, don’t try to remove it yourself.

If you have a spare key handy, you won’t need a new key. You can have the broken key removed for $80 to $140.

Without a spare key, you must remove the broken key and get a new key made. Check the price for a new key at a dealership and a locksmith. Often, it’s cheaper to for a locksmith to make the key.

Key Jammed in the Ignition

Did the key break or get stuck in your ignition? This is not a do-it-yourself moment. Call an auto locksmith to resolve the problem.

A locksmith knows how to retrieve it without harming the car. A professional can cut a new key and fix damaged ignition switches.

Car Lock Replacement

Expect to pay between $75 and $220 to replace a damaged car lock.

If you have the skills, you can replace it yourself for $15 to $350. The price depends on the type of lock.

An auto locksmith does the same job as the dealership. Most dealerships charge $200 to $600. If the car is under warranty it may cost less.

Next, let’s discuss locksmith services for your home or office.

Locksmith Costs for a Home or Office

If you need a replacement for a high-tech lock on your home or office, call the company that installed it. When that isn’t possible, hire an expert locksmith to handle the replacement.

Let’s review the most common reasons to hire a locksmith for your home or business.

Unlock a Door

Locked out of the house? The average price for a locksmith to unlock a door is about $90. If you need help after-hours, plan on $20 to $50 more.

It should cost $60 to $200 if the door has a standard lock. Older homes with antique locks can cost more. If the lock is an antique, a replacement or replica can be hard to find.

Rekey Door Locks

Do you need to rekey your house or business? When you don’t want a former tenant or coworker to have access, you should rekey the door.

This involves recalibrating the pins in the lock cylinder so older keys won’t unlock it. The average cost to rekey locks is $50 to $130. It’s less expensive than replacing the locks.

If you’re a new homeowner or renter, it’s smart to update the locks. Hire a locksmith to rekey the entry and deadbolt locks. A locksmith can update the garage door, too.

Replacing the Locks

Changing the locks on a house or business costs between $80 and $200. The price goes up if you have smart locks or high-tech devices. A keypad entry costs more than a basic tumbler lock.

Security add-ons, like a deadbolt or smart door locks, also increase the price. Expect to pay $20 more for a new deadbolt, and $80 to $400 for an electronic system.

There are extra charges when the locksmith must drill the door or install a handle set.

Replacing the locks is more expensive than rekeying them. Most people prefer to rekey unless they have a security problem.

If you lose your key, rekeying is a good option. When you don’t know how many people have keys to your new home, replacing the locks is safest.

Keep in mind that old locks are easy to pick. Damaged locks may not work. Always replace the locks if someone breaks into your home. A locksmith can add security with a deadbolt.

Exterior entry door locks are more expensive than interior doors. They have added security features. The front door lock with a deadbolt costs more than a sliding door lock.

It’s always smart to replace the locks when you move into a new home. Consult a locksmith to determine the right locks for your budget and security.

High-Tech Locking Systems

Today’s security systems use biometrics, Bluetooth, and electronic keypads. Many locksmiths are experts in high-tech systems that don’t need a physical key.

High-tech locking services can include:

  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Exit Alarms
  • Keypad or Reader
  • Video Security System
  • Electrified Locks and Hinges

If you want to add an electronic system to your home, the price depends on the features. The average cost is $100 to $500.

Key Replacement

A locksmith can replace a key onsite. The price varies based on the type of key. A basic metal key for a house is around $65.

Electronic keys cost between $100 and $150. Smart homes have keys with fobs. A remote-entry fob clicker with an alarm transmitter costs $80-$120 to replace.

If you damaged your key or left it inside the home, replace the key alone. When lost or stolen, consider rekeying or replacing the locks to keep your home secure.

Unlocking or Installing a Safe

If you need to get into a locked safe, the average cost is $70 to $160. Drilling into the safe increases the price to $225-$375.

Many locksmiths offer safe installation services. The cost of a new safe installation is around $200.

Extra Factors and Costs

You can hire a locksmith to fix or replace locks on filing cabinets, mailboxes, bikes, suitcases, and more.

Locksmiths charge a service fee and an hourly rate. Service fees range from $30 to $85. Hourly rates average $75 to $95 per hour. Travel charges can occur if you’re located outside their service area.

Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

It’s important to pay attention to safety when hiring a locksmith. The person you use has access to your home and car. 

Call Roadside Assistance First

Call your roadside assistance or insurance company first if you’re locked out of your car. They can give you a list of certified, pre-approved locksmiths.

Stay in the Light

Stand in a well-lit area during the service call. Phone a family member or friend and ask them to stay on the phone with you.

Confirm the Locksmith’s Identity

Ask for a license and registration card. Not every state requires a license. Certified members of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) have them. ALOA members are professional and master locksmiths.

If you’re uneasy for any reason, call the business and verify the person’s identity.

Keep It Local

Make sure the locksmith you call is local. Ask for the legal name of the company you call. Check online reviews before you hire them.

There’s a scam that involves out-of-state companies acting as a middleman for a ridiculous fee. They take advantage of your discomfort.

Get Three Quotes

If it isn’t an emergency, get three quotes. A professional can give you an accurate estimate when you describe the problem in detail.

Get the quote in writing before work begins. Never sign a blank invoice. Always get a detailed receipt.

Ready to Hire a Locksmith?

Now that you understand locksmith costs, you can hire a locksmith with confidence.

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