Before your business makes it big, you need to boost its assets and keep ahead of the competition. One of the factors that you need to focus on is security. How safe is your corporate office or establishment from threats, such as robbery and trespassers? If you are not confident in answering that, the timing is right for you to improve your business’ commercial and corporate security.

From installing CCTVs to changing standard locks, business owners need to be wise in picking the best products to secure the safety of customers and staff, and all the valuable things necessary in running the trade. Below is a list of locks that are worth considering if you want to discourage intruders and disappoint expert locksmiths into committing unlawful entry in your establishment.

Magnetic Locks – By featuring a fail-safe system, magnetic locks are the saving grace of business with light to moderate traffic. It is not accompanied by the typical lever or door knob and works well with glass doors. Since it only accepts its compatible partner, trespassers won’t be able to disengage its system.  With its release system and sensors, business owners won’t have a hard time controlling this lock mechanism. Also, a door with a magnetic lock will remain closed when the power is out.

Commercial Strike Locks – Commercial strike locks are perfect for commercial establishments and corporate offices that need top-grade security to protect confidential data, valuable items and even customers from threats. Since it is connected to an intercom system or an alarm, people need to announce their presence; otherwise, forcing entry will tip off the police. In case of a power failure, strike locks would remain locked as part of its fail-proof design.

Interchangeable Core Cylinder – Preferred by large establishments and businesses, locks with interchangeable core cylinders is a wise investment in the long run because you can re-key without purchasing another set. It can be upgraded anytime, so you are one or two steps ahead of intruders. Larger businesses with more staff might consider re-keying every year, while small establishments with moderate traffic and a few staff can do it once every 3 to 5 years.

Closed Shackle Padlocks – Padlocks are not entirely safe, especially when a locksmith works his magic on it. However, you can already buy closed-shackle padlocks that offer better weather resistance, durability, and protection from lock picking. Its U-shaped part is relatively thicker and shorter, making it hard to cut. This type is slightly more expensive than the normal padlock but before you let practicality win over your decisions, think about the cost of things you are defending from aggressive hands.

Keyless Entry – Start integrating a keyless entry system in your security plan, and you will realize how convenient and reliable it is as compared to standard bolts and locks. By using a passcode, expert locksmiths won’t stand a chance in bypassing building security, and it will keep your products, people, and papers away from unexpected threats. You might want to invest in top-grade security programs to lessen chances of hacking. As a plus, you will have absolute control over your lock mechanism by limiting access codes and documenting entry logs throughout the day.