If the safety of your home is on the line, it is time to ditch that penny-pinching attitude and pay attention to the best security locks system worth the investment! A lot of people would think they’re getting a great deal out of a product sold at half its market price, but the sale should already be a red flag – a signal for you to flee and never look back. Forget practicality; almost everybody knows that products that come cheap would not be able to provide enough protection a residence needs.

With the technology and lock picking skills available, homeowners should opt for high-security locks or even unpickable locks. It is important to find a versatile lock that has high value and durability, and offers top-class resistance. Here are the five lock types for the best security that you will likely encounter during your search for the best residential lock.

Lever Tumbler Locks – With a design consisting of a set of levers, a lever tumbler lock opens with a bitted key or a key that follows the standard geometric code system. While commonly used for low-level applications (e.g. Securing gun cabinets and normal doors), trusted lock brands have been manufacturing complex and advanced lever systems, usually with five levers, for better home security. Premium lever tumbler locks are known to decrease opportunities for burglars to break in.

Keycard Locks – Thanks to technology, key-card locks are already commercialized and relatively inexpensive. Homeowners are already enjoying the convenience and security this type of lock provides –things exclusively enjoyed by hotels and other affluent establishments in the past. Bypassing this lock would require knowledge of hacking because only a flat plastic card with a specific digital signature can disengage its security. The computerized authentication system can also be used along with biometric technology to discourage anyone from unlawful entry.

Disc Tumbler Locks – Disc tumbler locks are commonly used outdoors because its mechanism is best suited to harsh weather conditions. With slotted rotating detainer discs in place, forcing it to open would certainly take time since locksmiths would need to align all the notches in the disks. The Alloy design is a favorite among those who value security the most because it has a unique keying design that provides heavy-duty function and durability without the pins or springs.

Smart Locks – Can’t live without your smartphone? Integrate your home security with your beloved essential by opting for smart locks. The wireless protocol and cryptographic keying system will allow you to take control of your residence conveniently and improve its security even when you are miles away. You may also grant your family and friends access to your haven with just a few clicks. While smart locks are considered expensive, you would automatically see the worth of your purchase when you start customizing its features, including voice activation, Bluetooth-enabled entry, auto-locking and real-time notifications in case of break-ins.

Magnetic-coded Locks – Locksmiths often back down when they come face to face with a magnetic-coded lock. Its magnetic pins provide anti-picking and anti-bumping features –a must for highly-vulnerable residences. Only the correct key can get into the proper position to trigger the suitable level of magnetic force to allow entry. Magnetism does not decay over time, so magnetic-coded locks are worth the investment in the long run. Regarding cost effectiveness, this lock scores high because its manufacturing process doesn’t require new locking mechanisms to work.