Business owners need to improve on a lot of aspects to get ahead of the competition. While product development and marketing seem to be the two most important, it pays to focus more on customer service. Nowadays, people are more vocal about what they like and don’t like on social media and other platforms of expression. With that, it is never wise to ignore customer queries or be downright rude to potential and existing clients. You might be surprised that a bad story about your company is going viral the next day.

Even locksmiths need to level up customer service and start being active in understanding their target audience. Pleasing them shouldn’t feel like a chore because if you love your business, then you should go the extra mile in getting people to love it, too. Ready to be an online sensation? Here are the sure-fire ways to win those ‘likes’ on social media.

Be Active in Answering Queries – Once your online website or social media page is up, you will be bombarded with inquiries from people within the vicinity. All of them are potential customers, which is why you should not be rude and ignore simple questions, like the difference between standard and high-security locks. As a businessman, it is up to you to build rapport and expand your connections.

While online chat support might be out of your budget, you can make a generic reply on getting back to their queries at the soonest time possible. It is also wise to improve on your FYI section, so you can direct customers whenever they are curious about Locksmithing or related topics.

Make it a Point to Be Punctual & Polite – You already have bookings, thanks to your awesome online presence! Don’t waste this opportunity and let them down with a bad start. Arrive on time, or earlier than expected. Customers in lockout situations are understandably stressed, so don’t waste time in worrying them further. Dealing with them should be done with patience and politeness because they are paying you for your service. Otherwise, being rude will reflect badly on your reputation as a locksmith.

Respect Privacy – Be transparent with your transactions, and your customers will likely avail of your services again or even make a referral to people in need! Locksmithing is a delicate trade since people entrust their privacy to you. Honor that trust, and make them feel you deserve it.

Helpfulness Goes a Long Way – If you don’t have a big marketing budget, you can focus your energies on helping people until they can’t stop talking about your business.  Always offer a helping hand, even when the job is done. Provide them tips about handling lockout situations, and tell them you’re just a call away whenever they need such technical expertise.

Follow Up In the Future – After impressing your clients, you might be tempted to cut the connection and build your network with potential customers again. However, you need to do more than what is expected, so people won’t easily forget about your business. A simple call to say thank you works wonders. You may also get their perspective about your services, so you can further develop your trade.